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Whilst true exercise restoration calls for a sparsely deliberate mix of bodily manipulation and vitamin, there is something so amusing about the usage of high-tech restoration gear to search out the most efficient techniques to reduce muscle soreness — I imply, come on, CBD-infused activewear? That is difficult for me to withstand giving a pass. Now not all of those newfangled health merchandise have science on their facet (but), however one class of gear no doubt does: therapeutic massage weapons. 

Therapeutic massage weapons, particularly the variability that make the most of percussive treatment, are necessarily sponsored by way of the similar oodles of clinical analysis that reinforce therapeutic massage as without equal exercise restoration instrument. The concept that is identical — the usage of pressure to control your physique’s comfortable tissue — however the mechanism differs. 

As a substitute of having conventional therapeutic massage treatment as soon as a month, you’ll use those hand-held units from the relief of your house. Everybody from skilled athletes to leisure gym-goers to these with continual ache love those tough massagers for plenty of causes: Percussive treatment is alleged to assist muscular tissues get well sooner, scale back muscle ache and lactic acid build-up, toughen vary of movement and versatility, inspire blood glide and extra.

In the event you use a therapeutic massage gun as it should be, it may possibly even assist with sleep and pressure. Simply watch out you probably have any accidents. And, now not that you simply must spend money on one because of this on my own, however the slow-mo movies of therapeutic massage weapons punching muscular tissues glance insanely Insta-worthy. 

Satisfied you wish to have to get in in this muscle restoration magic? We examined 8 percussion massagers that are not the wildly standard Theragun (even if we additionally examined the Theragun to look what is up with this gold same old) — many of the others price much less, however paintings simply as neatly. Underneath the most efficient therapeutic massage gun listing, be told what to search for when searching for a therapeutic massage gun.

Replace, Feb. 12, 2020: You’ll get $50 off the Hypervolt Plus ($399, down from $449) at Perfect Purchase, now via March eight.


The TimTam All New Energy Massager gave me a get started after I grew to become it on. It gives simply two energy settings, each so powerful that I needed to dangle the gun with two arms to regulate it. When folks say that percussive massagers sound and really feel like energy drills, that is the type of therapeutic massage gun they are speaking about.

For my part, I could not maintain the sheer energy that this massager delivers. It harm to make use of even on muscular tissues that were not sore, and I did not even check out on muscular tissues that have been delicate. However, I’ve a moderately low ache tolerance. Any individual a lot more brawny and hard than myself might benefit from the excessive energy output of the TimTam All New Energy Massager.

The  TimTam Energy Massager is perfect for people who find themselves searching for extra percussion, much less vibration. Whilst it does make the most of each, the percussive movement is very intense and no doubt hits deeper layers of sentimental tissue.


The Hypervolt Plus, the second one technology of the tough percussion massager from Hyperice, opponents the Theragun in capability, effectiveness and design. This therapeutic massage gun is mighty and forceful, but virtually silent — I may just if truth be told experience a long consultation with the Hypervolt Plus with out feeling like my eardrums have been shaking, which is the case with many therapeutic massage weapons, particularly when used at the neck and shoulders. 

Hyperice’s QuietGlide era and 90-watt high-torque motor in combination ship the whole thing you may be able to need in a therapeutic massage gun: A calming, pain-relieving revel in. The Hypervolt Plus comes with 5 head attachments for figuring out muscle knots anyplace you might revel in them. The fork attachment is especially efficient to be used between the shoulder blades and at the neck. 

The Hypervolt Plus has 5 velocity/energy settings, which makes it best for many who revel in various ranges of muscle soreness or ache. The bottom surroundings felt nice after I used it on very sore muscular tissues after leg day, whilst the best possible surroundings works nice on muscular tissues which are tight however now not delicate.

Save $50: This product is marked down from $449 to $399 at Perfect Purchase, now via March eight.


If I had to select a favourite, I would select the Achedaway Vibration and Percussion Massager. Quiet and simple to maintain, this tool options 5 energy and velocity settings starting from 1,500 to a few,250 rpm, which in keeping with the web site are fitted to get up muscular tissues, liberate fascia, get rid of lactic acid, supply deep tissue therapeutic massage and facilitate muscle restoration.

Its listing worth of $399 is at the excessive finish, however nonetheless less expensive than the Hypervolt fashions and the highest-end Theragun fashion. The Achedaway massager feels very robust in hand, does not make the interior of your head rattle, and offers various ranges of therapeutic massage which are appropriate for sore muscular tissues. 

The upper energy settings felt nice after I wasn’t sore, however did not harm delicate muscular tissues, both — the very best combo in my ebook. Like many different massagers, the Achedaway electrical massager comes with more than one head attachments for massaging other muscle teams. 


I used to be pleasantly stunned to find that the $120 percussive therapeutic massage gun from Sportneer labored simply in addition to the costlier fashions in this listing, particularly since it is extra compact in dimension than many of the others. 

This ultra-portable massager delivers percussive treatment at 5 other ranges, from simply 15 watts to a formidable 160 watts, and 1,200 rpm to a few,200 rpm. Relying on what energy surroundings you utilize, the battery lifestyles in this therapeutic massage gun can final from 1.five to five.five hours. I used the Sportneer tool on each achy and pain-free muscular tissues, and each reports have been similar to that of the Hypervolt Plus and the Achedaway units — however particularly pleasurable as a result of the fee level of this product. 

The Sportneer therapeutic massage gun comes with six head attachments, two of that have steel guidelines and can be utilized to therapeutic massage your self with CBD oil, a topical analgesic or very important oils. This percussive massager may be moderately quiet: The web site claims the therapeutic massage gun reaches a most of 55 decibels, which is softer than the quantity at which the general public pay attention to song.


In contrast to the All New Energy Massager, this TimTam fashion options extra energy settings that do not really feel like repetitive punches to the muscular tissues. General, the Energy Massager Professional felt much less tough, but simpler, than the All New fashion — the Energy Massager Professional has 5 settings and is some distance quieter. 

It additionally comes with some distinctive attachments, together with an auto-heating tip and a vibration attachment that will increase the depth of the vibration mechanism so as to add every other part of therapeutic massage along the percussion part. When the usage of the auto-heating tip, the LED display shows a temperature sensor so you’ll assess the warmth, which will increase as much as 99.five levels Fahrenheit.   

Any other cool part of the Energy Massager Professional is the rotating head that swivels as much as 175 levels, so you’ll attain extra spaces by yourself. The battery at the Energy Massager Professional lasts as much as an hour with steady use.


There are a large number of budget-friendly therapeutic massage weapons in the marketplace, however because the announcing is going, you get what you pay for. I examined out a couple of price range choices, together with the HoMedics heated therapeutic massage gun, Vivreal hand-held massager and Renpho deep tissue therapeutic massage gun, and landed at the Wahl Deep Tissue fashion as the most efficient (however nonetheless inferior to a three-figure tool). 

It comes with 4 head attachments, together with a four-pronged person who works magic at the decrease again and hamstrings. The lengthy maintain is ergonomically designed in an effort to hit hard-to-reach spots. This therapeutic massage gun is the one person who allowed me to therapeutic massage my complete again by myself: The others, even the most costly merchandise, all required a serving to hand.

The only downside to the Wahl massager is that it has a twine — I do know, blasphemy — however the versatility and effectiveness actually outweigh that little bit of outdatedness. Additionally, I do not in reality see myself the usage of a therapeutic massage gun anyplace instead of my house, so until you intend to make use of your massager in every single place the arena, the Nine-foot twine should not be an enormous factor.

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Because the middle-of-the-line Theragun fashion, the G3 gives two settings: one overwhelmingly tough and one rather less tough (however nonetheless sturdy). Like many therapeutic massage weapons, the G3 is loud, even if the more recent fashions of the G3 declare to be quieter than older generations. 

This Theragun additionally makes use of a velocity of 40 repetitions in line with 2d for the upper velocity, which delivers as much as 40 kilos of pressure on your muscular tissues. The decrease velocity punches at 29 repetitions in line with 2d — the Theragun web site claims that this velocity is easiest for sore, delicate muscular tissues, however I nonetheless had hassle the usage of it on my sore spots. 

Additionally examined


The least dear of the 3 Theragun fashions these days to be had, the Theragun Liv includes a unmarried velocity of 40 repetitions in line with 2d, and the web site claims that this tool can attain as deep as 16 millimeters into your comfortable tissue, neatly into the intensity of your skeletal muscular tissues.

I have had the Theragun Liv for a couple of months now, and I will be able to say it no doubt it is helping to alleviate muscle aches and pains, even if I would not precisely name it a relaxing tool. Even because the smallest of the Theraguns, the Liv is loud — every now and then, virtually unbearably so. However the tool no doubt does what it claims to do: Works out muscle knots, relieves soreness and improves mobility.


Simply launched in November 2019, this massager from ExoGun gives the similar revel in because the Hypervolt and Theragun: A luxurious really feel and efficient therapeutic massage. Whilst I am not positive that the ExoGun DreamPro is well worth the $600 listing worth, it does be offering what maximum consumers search for in a luxurious fashion. 

The DreamPro gives six energy and velocity settings (essentially the most out of any tool in this listing), starting from 1,200 to a few,200 repetitions in line with minute and 20 to 53 Hertz in vibration velocity. As for sound stage, this massager clocks in at 70 decibels, which could be just a little loud for some. I loved the 3 center settings at the DreamPro essentially the most, because the decrease finish felt too delicate and the upper finish felt too tough. 

What I in reality like concerning the DreamPro is its 30-day possibility loose trial, one thing that not one of the different firms in this listing be offering. So in case you are undecided about whether or not a therapeutic massage gun will meet your wishes, the ExoGun DreamPro could be a just right position to begin in spite of its steep ticket.

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Percussion treatment and vibration treatment are continuously used interchangeably, however the two mechanisms do range. Percussive treatment comes to a punching or thumping movement, whilst vibration treatment comes to, neatly, vibration. The vast majority of therapeutic massage weapons mix the 2 mechanisms, leading to a treatment that reaches deeper layers of tissue (percussion) along with the superficial layers (vibration).

After I attempted out the Nordictrack Percussion Restoration Gun, I felt that it lacked the percussion a part of the equation. The therapeutic massage felt very superficial, as though it wasn’t penetrating a lot deeper than my pores and skin. I had a couple of buddies check out the Nordictrack tool to verify I wasn’t lacking the rest, and so they got here to the similar consensus: This therapeutic massage gun almost definitely would possibly not do the trick for individuals who exercise continuously and revel in intense muscle soreness and knots. 

It could, then again, paintings neatly for individuals who have very delicate pores and skin, muscular tissues or joints, or those that desire a tool with decrease energy because of an harm or sickness, similar to arthritis or fibromyalgia.

What to search for in a percussive therapeutic massage gun

Velocity and tool: Those two components are no doubt crucial. Everybody’s ache tolerance and therapeutic massage personal tastes range, however somebody can get pleasure from a massager with no less than two settings: one being much less intense so you’ll nonetheless use the gun on very sore muscular tissues the place you’re experiencing muscle rigidity or ache.

Form of movement: As mentioned within the Nordictrack description, percussion and vibration are very other. When searching for a therapeutic massage gun, imagine which mechanism is extra necessary to you. 

Portability: If you will be touring along with your therapeutic massage gun, you can need one that may simply are compatible right into a bag or suitcase, or person who has its personal wearing case. Although maximum are certainly hand-held massagers, some devices are moderately cumbersome, such because the TimTam fashions.

Attachments and equipment: The place to your physique will you utilize the therapeutic massage gun? If you can most effective apply it to simply your massive muscular tissues, similar to your again and legs, you most likely don’t want many attachments or equipment. However when you intend to apply it to particular spaces and cause issues, such because the arch of your foot or your neck, you’ll get pleasure from smaller attachments supposed for the ones particular spaces.

Battery lifestyles: Lovely self-explanatory — the longer the battery lifestyles, the simpler, as with any electronics.

Value: In fact, you will want to search for a healing massager tool inside of your price range. The costliest therapeutic massage weapons normally be offering extra adjustable velocity, energy and movement settings, however more economical fashions can surely get the activity accomplished. 

Different nice techniques to get well from tricky workout routines

If you are now not precisely into the speculation of punching your muscular tissues — which may also be painful in case you are in reality sore and delicate — you must know that therapeutic massage weapons are not the best choice for post-workout restoration.

Cryotherapy: Ever surprise what it is love to submerge your physique in subzero temperatures? With the rising acclaim for whole-body cryotherapy, you’ll test it out just about anyplace.

Some distance-infrared treatment: Tom Brady makes use of fancy infrared-infused pajamas and mattress sheets to stay himself in tip-top form. It is intended to urge the similar advantages as warmth treatment, however with out if truth be told making you sweaty. In finding out if it really works

Compression treatment: What is been round for ages as a clinical treatment has made its method into the health global as a restoration mechanism. You could really feel foolish dressed in large inflatable boots, however there may be some beautiful convincing science at the back of compression treatment for muscle restoration

The usage of a foam curler: You’ll all the time stick with the fundamentals. Science says the usage of a foam curler is excellent for tight muscular tissues and joint mobilization, which might assist relieve some soreness — or no less than assist you transfer round when you find yourself already in reality sore. Hyperice, the corporate that makes the quiet Hypervolt therapeutic massage gun, additionally makes a vibrating foam curler, so you’ll get the consequences of percussive treatment and foam rolling on the identical time. 

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The tips contained on this article is for academic and informational functions most effective and isn’t supposed as well being or clinical recommendation. All the time seek the advice of a health care provider or different certified well being supplier referring to any questions you will have a couple of clinical situation or well being goals.

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