Mega Guy 0/ZX Legacy Assortment overview: Any other very important bundle for Mega Guy lovers

I really like Mega Guy, however even I simplest had a small quantity of enjoy with the Mega Guy 0 and Mega Guy ZX collection. They only don’t appear to get as a lot love or appreciation because the vintage Mega Guy or Mega Guy X video games. So I used to be excited for the Mega Guy 0/ZX Legacy Assortment, which is out now for PlayStation four, Xbox One, Transfer, and PC (I performed on Transfer).

This gave me an opportunity to take a look at a host of Mega Guy video games I had both by no means performed or slightly tinkered with ahead of. And it does so with a wonderful bundle stuffed with new options and devoted ports.

What you’ll like

Six nice action-platformers

The gathering comes with six video games, Mega Guy 0 thru Mega Guy 0 four, Mega Guy ZX, and Mega Guy ZX Introduction. All of those titles vary from excellent to nice. They’re all action-platformers with a focal point on speeding, wall-jumping, and struggle. Each and every video games offers you a buster (ranged weapon very similar to the vintage Mega Guy bullets) and Z-saber (that lightsaber-esque factor that 0 makes use of within the Mega Guy X video games), however each and every one assists in keeping issues recent through introducing new guns.

If you happen to play during the video games chronologically, you’ll enjoy some great continuity. The 4 Mega Guy 0 video games inform one giant stroy, and ZX and ZX Introduction set themselves years after the ones occasions, however with quite a lot of references to the characters you’ve met during the 0 saga. And even supposing ZX and ZX Introduction got here out for the DS, this assortment does a excellent process of porting the studies to single-screen gadgets.

Pretty sprites!

Above: Lovely sprites!

Symbol Credit score: Capcom

Save help

I really like this option such a lot that I wrote an entire tale about it, however I’ll summarize it for you right here. This assortment provides a method for each and every recreation, which you’ll be able to activate or off at any time, that puts save issues all over each and every degree. If you happen to die, you’re introduced again to the final save level you touched with complete well being and with out dropping a lifestyles.

Those video games are all laborious. For plenty of, they’re too laborious. Even any individual who likes a retro-style problem like me were given annoyed looking to beat the primary Mega Guy 0 with out the save help characteristic on. This mode makes it more straightforward to benefit from the amusing issues in regards to the recreation, just like the difficult platforming and boss fights, with no need to replay massive sections of ranges after each and every loss of life or (even worse) recreation over.

And in the event you truly do crave an intense problem, you’ll be able to flip save help off.

The tune

The Mega Guy franchise has a large number of the most efficient tune in gaming, and a large number of its lovers know songs just like the degree theme for Steel Guy from Mega Guy 2 or for Boomer Kuwanger from Mega Guy X through center. The tune in those six video games, whilst no longer as iconic, may be improbable. And after being attentive to most of the similar Mega Guy songs for many years, it was once amusing finding those “new” tunes. The gathering additionally contains an ideal tune participant that makes it simple to play thru each and every name’s soundtrack.

The ZX games have a more connected world.

Above: The ZX video games have a extra attached global.

Symbol Credit score: Capcom

Z Chaser

Z Chaser is a brand new mode created only for this assortment. It takes sections of ranges from each and every recreation, together with boss fights, and turns them in time trial studies. You’ll be able to race towards a pal in simultaneous two-player motion or combat towards the arena by way of on-line leaderboards. It’s an effective way to stay taking part in the Mega Guy enjoy even after you’ve crushed each and every recreation within the assortment.

What you gained’t like

Small flaws in each and every recreation

Those are all excellent video games, however they do have some issues, even if maximum of them small. Lots of them have obtuse programs that the video games themselves don’t provide an explanation for really well, like how getting a excellent degree rank in Mega Guy 0 2 or Mega Guy 0 three can in truth permit you to be told new skills. Then there’s the map in Mega Guy ZX, which is a ache to learn. I needed to stay a map from an internet stroll thru at hand whilst enjoying thru it.

Zero has access to a lot of weapons throughout the series.

Above: 0 has get admission to to a large number of guns all over the collection.

Symbol Credit score: Capcom

Shoulder button mapping

Each and every recreation has choices to remap button inputs, however you’ll be able to simplest use two of 4 shoulder buttons at the Transfer. Infuriatingly, you’ll be able to simplest use the 2 bumper buttons, which might be some distance much less comfy to make use of than the bigger triggers.


That is some other improbable selection of Mega Guy video games, this time highlighting two collection that you’ll have neglected in the event you didn’t have a Sport Boy Advance or DS. If you happen to love Mega Guy, particularly the Mega Guy X collection, however haven’t performed those video games, you’re going be overjoyed. If you happen to’re already partial to 0 and ZX, you’ll love having all the titles bundled in combination on this loving bundle.

Ranking: 90/100

Mega Guy 0/ZX Legacy Assortment comes out on February 25 for PlayStation four, Xbox One, Transfer, and PC. Capcom gave us a code for the Transfer model for this overview.

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